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Friday, 28 July 2017

Seeking Freedom in the Sixties

Time to pack my bags again.

Some songs from the 60's:

Greece still offers the illusion of freedom and 'self-discovery'...

Three quotes from Jenny Diski, The Sixties, 2009:

"Perhaps the Sixties are an idea that has had its day and lingers long after its time. Except, of course, for the music."

"In just the same way as it happened with politics and education, liberation got confused with libertarianism".

"The Sixties generation are getting to an age where the world is beginning to look quite baffling and alien. It happens to everyone as they grow older. People don't notice you in the street, they aren't very interested in what you have to say".

Different types of freedom:

 "Freedom, high-day, high-day, freedom, freedom, high-day, freedom!"


"O brave monster! Lead the way".

From The Tempest

The gate is open...

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