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Thursday, 27 July 2017

Brexit EU migration study launched

From BBC News - Brexit EU migration study launched by Amber Rudd

'The CBI said businesses "urgently" needed to know what this would look like, both in any "transitional" period after March 2019 and beyond. And the Liberal Democrats said the study had been commissioned a year too late....Lib Dem home affairs spokesman Sir Ed Davey said: "This will do nothing to reassure the hospitals that are already seeing record numbers of EU nurses leaving, or the companies struggling to recruit the staff they need. "The NHS, businesses and universities that depend on European citizens need answers now, not in another 14 months' time."

Brexit: UK-EU freedom of movement 'to end in March 2019'

No transition: Free movement of people will end after Brexit, Business Insider UK, via MSN

The British government will examine what contribution EU citizens make to the UK economy, EU News

EU citizens will still be allowed to come to live and work in UK after Brexit, Home Secretary reveals, The Telegraph

It feels like a betrayal”: EU citizens react to Jeremy Corbyn’s migration stance, New Statesman

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