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Friday, 28 July 2017

Alexey (Alexei) Venetsianov: Greek-Russian Artist; Алексей Гаврилович Венецианов (1780-1847)

Alexei Venetsianov was the son of a Greek merchant.

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"Great-grandfather of the artist Fyodor Proko, his wife Angela and their son George left Greece and came to Russia in 1730-1740. Alexei was born on February 7 (18), 1780 in Moscow. His family was engaged in trade, they sold currant bushes, tulip bulbs, as well as paintings".

The Threshing Floor (Barn)

"Venetsianov’s importance in the history of Russian art is extremely great. He was one of the first artists who dedicated themselves to the portrayal of the peasantry and who declared genre painting to be a fully-fledged, important sphere of art".

His work is discussed in "Natasha's Dance, A Cultural History of Russia", by Orlando Figes
(pages 116-118).

Cleaning Beetroot

Meeting at the Well


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