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Saturday, 22 July 2017

Norway: The World of a Sami Reindeer Herder

The beautiful world of a Sami reindeer herder, BBC

Spirit of the Midnight Sun (Heart and Soul), BBC World Service

"The nomadic Sámi people of northern Europe believe that the animals, plants and rocks, they share their land with possess a soul.

The Sami’s wordless spiritual songs called a Yoik – but they are stillbanned in Norway’s Lutheran churches despite being a core part of the Sami worship for thousands of years.

Story-telling performed in sacred locations along the coastline, including the site where hundreds of Sami men and women were burned for witchcraft in the 1800’s.

As Norway basks in 22-hour daylight summer, Peter Curran meets the Sami people who are keeping these ancient traditions and a spirituality alive at the same time fearing that the creeping modernisation is threatening the delicate environmental balance."

Presenter and Producer: Peter Curran

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