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Friday, 14 July 2017

Brexit, Corbyn: UK should pay its "legal obligations":

From EU Observer - Corbyn: UK should pay EU what it is 'legally obliged' to (pay)

Brexit followed by Corbyn in No 10 would put UK flat on its back – Tony Blair, The Guardian, via MSN


Brexit bill to cause constitutional clash with Scotland and Wales, The Guardian

EU leaders are open to changing freedom of movement rules to keep Britain in the single market, it’s been claimed, Euronews

Brexit: former civil service head warns Theresa May of chaos, The Observer

City of London warns France 'is plotting to use Brexit to weaken UK's booming financial sector', Evening Standard via MSN

Britain's Brexit Chaos Leaves EU Friends and Foes Bemused, Bloombeerg on MSN

Are Theresa May's days numbered? Tim Sebastian "talks" to senior Brexiteer Iain Duncan Smith, Deutsche Welle, Conflict Zone video. Iain Duncan Smith comes off  very well, and extremely composed, against the strident Tim Sebastian (who appears to be talking to himself, questions and answers). Appallingly hostile body language and vindictive interview manner! A self-parody of his old (and outstanding) Hard Talk interviews. Maybe the influence of the producer or director? Or simply a case of 'losing the plot'?

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