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Thursday, 20 July 2017

BBC Press Office Bar Chart/Graph on Stars' Pay; Salary Revelations

From Guido Fawkes

"There is no scale on the axis, accentuating the difference between the years. It makes it look like the Beeb has halved stars’ pay in two years…Worse than that, the graph leaves off 2013/14 when the total talent bill was £194 million".

Backstabbing, jealousy and rage - how pay revelations sent BBC into a tailspin, The Telegraph

BBC pay report: Chris Evans and Gary Lineker top list amid glaring gender gap, The Telegraph


Government attacks BBC for star salaries and says sums should be 'halved'

BBC pay list: the hidden names the corporation does not want you to see

BBC stars are STILL dodging their income tax: High-profile presenters routing salaries through personal companies despite corporation banning the deals five years ago, MailOnline

"The BBC pay row deepened last night after it admitted some of its richest stars use a potential tax dodge. The high-profile presenters have their salaries routed through personal service companies so they can avoid income tax. The corporation refused to say which individuals benefit from the cosy deals, which it supposedly banned five years ago".

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