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Saturday, 1 July 2017

Good Ideas from Zagori, Kapesovo and Mikro Papingo

Kapesovo, Wooden Door-Closer Catch

The Outhouse Gazebo 'Shed' (With Only One Wall)
That Turns Into a 'Tent' (With a Solid Canopy Roof).
A lovely outdoor lounge area.
The curtains can be closed, so that the space can be used as a summer bedroom

 Mikro Papingo:

It catches the breeze like the adjacent threshing-floor.
Ideal for this scorching heat.

Not forgetting the natural swimming pool, after the sliding sluice-gate
has been closed to partially dam or control the flow of the Rogovo stream:

And, from Ano Vitsa, a lavatory and wash-basin in a cupboard:

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