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Sunday, 18 June 2017

The End (Thought for the Day) ; A Sombre Mood.

"This year it is difficult to escape a very sombre national mood" - HRH Queen Elizabeth II.

From “Speech to the Shapers”, Lucien Stryk

They are wrong who think the end will be
Violent, rank alarmists….

                              The end will steal upon
Us as an average day, sometime between
Breakfast and lunch, while Father is down

At the office, Junior playing ball
And Mother is choosing lambchops at
The butcher’s. Unannounced, it will drop
From a cloudless sky, or like a cut

In the power takes us by surprise,
With all the lights snuffed out together…

We’ll never know what hit us where, or when.

Lucien Stryk, "Where We Are, Selected Poems and Zen Translations", London, 1997.

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