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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Lakka, Paxos: Remembering Peter Bull - It Isn't All Greek To Me

Sketch by Roger Furse, from Peter Bull's "It Isn't  All Greek To Me" (1967)

"The British actor Peter Bull returned from a visit to Greece in 1962 obsessed with a desire to build a house on one of the remoter Ionian Islands. It appeared on his shopping list constantly. 'Buy cauliflower, string, scotch tape, and a bit of land on Paxos.' By 1964 he had achieved this and It isn't all Greek to Me is a hilarious account of his life there and in 'To Spiti Mou (My House)'. Readers of Mr Bull's earlier work need have no fear that he has delved deep into the mythology or history of Greece. He has just transferred to another country his talent for being unable to take anything very seriously. His difficulties with the language, the water situation and some of the eccentric people he has met there are dealt with lightly and touchingly and the happiness that he has got from the experience glows from every page".

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