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Friday, 30 June 2017

Mikro Papingo: Ring Them Bells! Church-blessed Tsipouro.

Yoshinori really enjoyed the excellent tsipouro made by Giorgos, a neighbour of Peter's in Mikro Papingo.

No wonder that it tastes so good: the villagers make all their tsipouro (40% alc/vol) in the church building, as it is the church that has the licence to distil the spirit up in Mikro Papingo!

Ring them bells!

Alas, I couldn't try even a drop, as I was driving, and the road from Aristi to Mikro Papingo is like a corkscrew.

Still, I enjoyed  swimming in the icy water of the Voidomatis River below Aristi, and in the natural pools formed by the Rogovo  stream at Mikro Papingo - in the font-like rock pools or natural basins (ovires) formed by the stream - and in the wonderful large pool.

Οβίρες ή ''Κολυμπήθρες'' στο ρέμα Ρογκοβού, στο Πάπιγκο - Maria makes friends in the pool:

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