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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Κτηματολόγιο! Ktimatologio - National Land Registry, Cadastral Survey, Greece; The Example of Paxos

When the land registration process and cadastral survey finally begin on an island like Paxos. one can safely predict that all hell will break loose.

Local people predict that there will be at least fifty years of continual court cases. There will be claims and counter-claims concerning ownership of individual olive trees and the borderlines between them; there will be claims about rocks and cypress trees (and other species), about paths and rights of access; there will be disputed "oria" (borderlines) all over the island.

Paxiots traditionally owned individual trees (perhaps originally acquired for their reputedly superior fruit-bearing potential), which are scattered all over the place, so that few, if any, plots of land had clear-cut borders or titles, containing, as most do outside the villages and towns, other owners' individual trees.

Then there is the issue of what constitutes forest land, which cannot be built upon.

Some Paxiots say that no one will want to buy or sell land on the island because of the new laws, the high taxes and other expenses - and the threat and implications of the ktimatologio.

True, or not? What can be done to sort it all out?

Greek Land Registration Picking Up Steam Or Falling Behind? Observing Greece

An Old Poem

When families quarrel
Over children or trees
The bitterness lasts
For generations:
The feuds outlast roofs.
No one gives way
Before the walls give in.

Photos purely illustrative (not related in any way to the poem)

"Greek Land Registry Seeing Light At End Of Tunnel!", Observing Greece, January 22, 2018

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