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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Brexit: An Uncomfortable Assessment of the Current Situation, by Tomáš Prouza

What they are saying in other parts of Europe:

Opinion piece by former Czech state secretary for European Affairs, EU Observer

Let us hope his pessimistic assessment is wrong.

The UK seems to be losing friends at an ever-increasing rate - but this assessment comes from someone deeply committed to European integration.

On Tomáš Prouza

"In 2016 I received the supreme French state decoration, the National Order of the Legion of Honour (Ordre national de la Légion d’honneur), for my work in support of European integration" -

Not learning from mistakes has very steep costs, Britain may learn very soon. My take on what's next for #Brexit


Brexit Talks to start Monday,

Gerry Adams tells Theresa May DUP deal puts her in breach of Good Friday Agreement, The Independent

Brexit Is Dead - A Wave of Anger Crashes over Britain, Spiegel Online Editorial

"Investors hate nothing more than uncertainty, but that is exactly what experts are predicting for Britain in the coming years. Uncertainty combined with stunted growth, less trade, higher taxes and worse national health care. As things look now, last week's election was only the first wave of anger that is currently breaking over the country. The worse the times get, the more powerful it will become. And in a few years, it is almost certain that there will be a government interested in rejoining the EU. Which is possible, but the conditions offered are almost sure to be worse."

Michel Barnier is impatient for Britain to get its Brexit points in order, The Economist

Coalition, chaos and lame-ducks, EU Observer

What now? Options for Brexit - And a cry for help, 15 June 2017, Andrew Duff (Former Member of the European Parliament; Visiting fellow, European Policy Centre) , European Policy Centre

"The Laughing Stock of Europe" - Der Bund (Swiss newspaper), Translation by Paula Kirby

Lachnummer Europas

Beyond enduring: Merkel’s new European ambition, eKathimerini

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