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Saturday, 24 June 2017

Greece: Trash Remains Piled in the Streets

"Minister of Home Affairs and WTO-OTA Fail to Resolve Issues – Trash Remains Piled in the Streets", Greek Reporter

"Until the trade union resolves the stalemate the accumulation of waste in the urban centres is expected to remain since the strike is not expected to be lifted before a resolution is reached. The garbage piling up in the streets is a direct threat to public health in combination with high temperatures, which are expected to rise further in the coming days, creating the perfect cocktail for authorities to have concern".

Gov't to present amendment foreseeing sanitation hirings, eKathimerini

"An amendment is to be tabled in Parliament foreseeing the recruitment of 2,500 local authority sanitation workers on short-term contracts on a permanent basis. As it will take a few months before the competition for the jobs can be held, short-term job contracts will be extended by six to eight months in the meantime, the minister said. According to sources, the new jobs would be paid for from the municipal charges paid by citizens. However, it remains unclear what the opinion of Greece’s international creditors will be about the initiative and whether it will result in calls for fewer hirings in other key sectors such as health or education....Meanwhile the tons of trash that continue to fester on the streets are turning into a public health risk as a heat wave is predicted for the end of next week with temperatures set to reach 39 degrees Celsius".

Garbage pile up on Greek streets, KTG

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