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Friday, 16 June 2017

Paxos, Greece: On Bogdanatika, The Name of the Village, ΜΠΟΓΔΑΝΑΤΙΚΑ, Χωριό, ΠΑΞΟΙ

What is the origin of the name Bogdanatika? Does it have any link with Bogdania (Moldavia) the principality or vilayet founded by Bogdan I (Iflak - Wallachia and Bogdania -Moldavia)?

"Early in the 18th cent. the Turks ended the rule by native princes— who had sided with the enemy as often as with Turkey—and appointed governors (hospodars), mostly Greek Phanariots ...Greek rule was ended (1822) after the Greek insurrection instigated by Alexander Ypsilanti, and native hospodars were appointed".  From The Free Dictionary

Bogdania is mentioned in folk-songs quoted by Ioannis Lambridis (Zagoriaka, 1889), as one of the places where Epirots would go to work abroad:

From P. Aravantinos, Dimotika Tragoudia tis Ipeirou (1880)

A view from Green Corfu

From Behind the Name (comments)

Spiros Bogdanos, the author and former Mayor of Paxos, informs me it is a widely-spread Byzantine name from before the Fall of Constantinople. It is certainly found in many parts of the Balkans.

Sofronis Mitsialis, the Municipal Archivist in Gaios, confirmed that the name is linked with Bogdania, then part of the Byzantine Empire. There were always strong trade links, and the Greek Bogdanoi from Bogdanatika must have had links with Bogdania from Byzantine times.

Archduke Salvator, Paxos und Antipaxos:

"On Paxos there are really no villages, only groups of houses of one family, so that the members of all those houses have the same name. Everyone in Bogdanatika is a Bogdanos" (translation Margarita Luzzatto, 2011)

From the Paxos Archives (To Archeio Paxon), Volume 1, by Yiannis Doikas, edited by Spyros Katsaros, 1978:

On the Libro d'Oro, Paxos: (February 1802)

Anastassios Bogdanos

A folk-tale from Bogdanatika, from
  Παροιμίες, Δημοτικά, Ευτράπελα και άλλα Λαογραφικά Παξών και Κέρκυρας (Γιάννης Δόικας):

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