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Friday, 20 January 2017

Oxford Writers' House

Information here

Oxford Today - A new group to bring Oxford’s writers together has proven a soaraway success. Olivia Gordon listens as its founder and stellar literary supporters explain why it meets a vital need.

Publisher-Author "speed-dating" - "If you are considering publication in the coming year, come along to an evening of speed dating with Oxford Writers' House!

This event will allow you to meet and pitch to a range of people in the publishing industry and receive feedback on your project in an informal setting. We hope that it will be an interesting and valuable evening for everyone involved and will showcase some of the talented voices of Oxford.

After a brief introduction from each of our speakers, attendees will sit down with each of them for 'speed dating', giving a brief pitch of their writing project and receiving constructive feedback on how to proceed with publishing their work".

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