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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

1957: The Happiest Year in British History, at least since the Victorian Era?

Understanding Happiness: from The Social Market Foundation: "New research released today by the Social Market Foundation and the Centre for Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy (CAGE) shows that levels of happiness appear to have been highest during the Victorian era, and during the 20th Century peaked during 1957, a level to which they have never returned."

"Although in 1957 life expectancies were lower, GDP was lower, more hours were worked in a typical week and very few households had central heating and less than half owned a television, levels of public happiness were at a height never reached again in the British post-War period".

From The Times - "Few men lived beyond the age of 70, central heating was unaffordable and many homes still had an outside privy, but 1957 was the happiest year in recent British history, according to a study of the past 230 years. Appropriately, it was the year when Harold Macmillan, the prime minister, declared: “Our people have never had it so good.” The University of Warwick made the conclusion after analysing billions of words in books and articles written since 1776".

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