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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Brexit: Government loses Brexit vote appeal; Supreme Court Judgement

Supreme Court Judgement (pdf)

BBC News  - 8 to 3 majority


-Supreme Court rules 8 to 3 against government
-Parliament must vote before Article 50 triggered
-Ministers had argued referendum gave go-ahead
-Devolved administrations do not have to be consulted

"Relations with the EU are a matter for the UK government."

Why Brexit ruling is a relief for the government, BBC

A court ruling on Article 50 hints at Britain’s coming constitutional storm, The Economist (Bagehot's Notebook)

Rebel Tories demand more say on Brexit as May loses supreme court fight, The Guardian
UK court ruling does little to help Brexit opponents, EU Observer

UK Supreme Court decides that Parliament must enact legislation before the UK can serve Article 50 notice to leave the EU, Bermuda Legal - "It is a shame that there appears to have been no consideration given, whatsoever, to the rights and interests of the British Overseas Territories and their respective local Parliaments, although it is legally assumed that their rights and interests will be taken into account when the UK Parliament enacts legislation".

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