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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

John Berger

A Life in Quotes, The Guardian, Nicola Slawson

A past posting: Property and Painting (Berger on Gainsborough)

New York Times Obituary - John Berger, Provocative Art Critic, Dies at 90

The Guardian report

Guardian Obituary

The Independent, Michael Glover

Thessaloniki doc fest pays tribute to iconoclast art critic John Berger, eKathimerini


  1. Happy New Year Jim, I follow your postings with much interest and often find a correlation with subjects that touch me personally (obviously everything to do with Corfu). Today, I learned through your email the passing of John Berger whom I knew back in the sixties with his wife Anya when they lived in Meyrin (Geneva). My sister and I (teenagers at the time) often did babysitting for his children Jacob and Katia. Thank you for keeping me/us abreast on various topics.

  2. Happy New Year Nickie! Thank you for your comments. That's fascinating. My postings may seem rather random to some readers, but I'm very glad to know that others share my diffuse interests! Jim