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Sunday, 29 January 2017

Dorset: Clinical Services Review, Claims and Counter-Claims about Travel Times from West Dorset to Bournemouth and Poole

Public concern prompts production of guide to Clinical Services Review, ViewNews

Claudia Sorin from Dorchester Labour: “The assessment of travel times is not based on real life examples", ViewFrom, January 19th, 2017

Response Article, ViewFrom, 25th January: "The CCG also pick up on claims about inadequate details over travel times from West Dorset to access services in Bournemouth or Poole, should the proposals to move some services to one of other hospitals in the East of the country be agreed. The statement said 'There are plenty of details about how we worked out our travel times in the supporting documents on our consultation website'"

I searched the website and assume that this is the type of analysis they meanTravel Time Analysis (pdf) - Appendix 4. I did not find the website user-friendly in terms of  navigation or searches for the analysis-methodology of travel times from West Dorset locations to access services in Bournemouth (eg AandE) and Poole.

The short travel times cited in the consultation document do not ring true to many people (including my own GP). Could someone refer me the precise page link to the 'correct' (if disputed) travel time analysis data and the explanation as to how the times were worked out?

Thank you.

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