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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Castle Cary, Somerset: Developers' go-ahead for 200 new homes for Castle Cary and Ansford; Objections.

From Blackmore Vale Magazine

"By allowing both appeals the planning inspector Mr M. Middleton has added 200 future homes to the consents already granted for 165, 45 and 75 homes on sites in Castle Cary and Ansford...
The appeal decision has dismayed objectors who raised issues including excess traffic through commuting, lack of employment in the community and insufficient infrastructure as well as loss of views affecting the grade II listed Ansford church tower".

I don't live in Castle Cary any longer, so this does not concern me directly. I recognise that more houses are urgently needed in the West Country, but Castle Cary town centre is already incredibly congested in terms of traffic and parking.

As my brother says, up to 2000 more inhabitants? How many more cars?

A recipe for chaos.

In terms of infrastructure, the town will certainly need a bigger cemetery.

A poem on The Round House (The Round House, Douglas Macmillan, 1922)

In less-congested times:

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