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Friday, 13 January 2017

Chancellor Merkel, the EU and Security; Post-Brexit Issues

From EU Observer - She...said that the UK’s decision to leave the EU ought to galvanise military cooperation among the 27 remaining member states. “We should see this [UK] decision as an incentive to work together, to hold Europe together now more than ever”...She said the visit was an “emotional moment” for her and that the EU should stick together in the way it handled Britain’s departure - the first ever in EU history. “We must not be allowed to divide ourselves apart. The 27 have to appear together in the negotiations”, she said. She added that EU states should consider harmonisation of corporate tax in order to compete with the City of London after it leaves.


From Welt am Sonntag- "Philip Hammond issues threat to EU partners"

From Euronews: "Corbyn - A Trade War Recipe?"

How the Mail reports it..."DOMINIC LAWSON: Why our cautious Chancellor's just dropped a Brexit bomb on Berlin..."

From FT - Ireland: Brexit vote forces Dublin to seek new EU friends

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