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Thursday, 23 June 2016

"Why We Love the Brits" - DW Video - Referendum Results and Reactions

Very tongue-in-cheek - the Deutsche Welle/EUROMAXX VIDEO commentator tries hard to 'take the Mickey' - do I detect an attempt at sarcasm? It sounds as if she anticipated the outcome of the Referendum.

Not quite the cutting-edge image we've always tried to project...

Britain’s Point of No Return - Europe’s Democratic Dysfunction and the False Promise of Referenda, Matthias Matthijs, Foreign Affairs

The process for withdrawing from the European Union (pdf, British Government document)
 - Presented to Parliament by the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs by Command of Her Majesty February 2016

(Graphic, MailOnline)

More accurate:

Vote Leave has won by about a million votes.

Some reactions-

Reuters - Germany's Steinmeier says Brexit vote marks a sad day for Europe -

"The news from Britain is really sobering. It looks like a sad day for Europe and Britain," the German Foreign Ministry quoted Steinmeier as saying on its official Twitter account.

Emotions run high as Britain votes to leave EU

Britain’s shock vote brings swift consequences as leader to resign, markets plunge, The Washington Post

Some local results

Where I live in Dorset:

West Dorset
Leave 51.0%
33,267 VOTES
Remain 49.0%
31,924 VOTES
Turnout: 79.4%

Leave campaign claims narrow victory in West Dorset, Dorset Echo

Where I used to live in North London:

Leave 24.4%
25,855 VOTES
Remain 75.6%
79,991 VOTES
Turnout: 70.5%

Where I grew up in South Somerset:

South Somerset
Leave 57.2%
56,940 VOTES
Remain 42.8%
42,527 VOTES
Turnout: 78.6%

Where I went to University:

Leave 29.7%
20,913 VOTES
Remain 70.3%
49,424 VOTES
Turnout: 72.3%

Conclusion: a deeply divided nation.

More BBC Local Results

Γιατί έγινε η ανατροπή και κέρδισε το Brexit - Ανάλυση από CNBC (MSN/imerisia) 

These countries could be next now that Britain has left the E.U., Washington Post

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