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Monday, 20 June 2016

Farewell to Modern Greek Studies (University of Copenhagen)

A sad farewell reception on 25 June:

"The reception marks the end of fifty years of teaching and research at the University of Copenhagen in all aspects of post-Classical Greek: language, culture, history, social studies, from nomadic people to Greek dialects, from Byzantine paleography to civil war, from Greek-Danish relations to Greek and Danish schoolchildren's perceptions of Europe, from aspect in the future tense to high standard pedagogics of language teaching, from medieval Greek to contemporary Orthodox theology, through every period of Greek literature, encompassing new golden ages and extremist dawns, economic crises and much much more. It is this wealth of teaching and research that we will celebrate and to which we will bid farewell in a blend of ouzo and Greek sparkling wine with perhaps some melodies delightful as well as sad!"

A three-day workshop on History and the Arts

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