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Saturday, 25 June 2016

EU: “German strategy regarding Brexit“,

From Keep Talking Greece

"Germany is willing to negotiate an association agreement with Britain, but wants to avoid making too many concessions that would give incentives for other states to follow suit. Other countries that might want to leave the European Union could be France, Austria, Finland, the Netherlands and Hungary, the paper notes. To deter other European countries from leaving the bloc, the European Union “should refrain from setting wrong incentives for other member states when renegotiating relations.” Therefore, “The extent of the knock-on effect will depend on the handling of the United Kingdom.”

Schottlands riskantes Spiel mit der Unabhängigkeit, Handelsblatt

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said the European Union has "no need to be particularly nasty in any way" in the negotiations with Britain about its exit from the bloc, BBC News.

The EU will treat Britain like Greece, Matthew Holehouse, The Telegraph - "In Brussels, they have been ready to say goodbye for a long time".

Educated Greeks can’t catch a break at home, eKathimerini

Millions of Brits signed a petition for another E.U. referendum. They shouldn’t hold their breath. The Washington Post

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