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Friday, 17 June 2016

EU - UK: The Referendum; "Divided We Fall", The Economist Leader

Some more opinions...

It's always worth hearing the point of view expressed in The Economist 's leading article.

From Divided we fall - A vote to leave the European Union would diminish both Britain and Europe
June 18th 2016

"THE peevishness of the campaigning has obscured the importance of what is at stake. A vote to quit the European Union on June 23rd, which polls say is a growing possibility, would do grave and lasting harm to the politics and economy of Britain. The loss of one of the EU’s biggest members would gouge a deep wound in the rest of Europe. And, with the likes of Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen fuelling economic nationalism and xenophobia, it would mark a defeat for the liberal order that has underpinned the West’s prosperity...The liberal Leavers are peddling an illusion. On contact with the reality of Brexit, their plans will fall apart. If Britain leaves the EU, it is likely to end up poorer, less open and less innovative. Far from reclaiming its global outlook, it will become less influential and more parochial. And without Britain, all of Europe would be worse off."

Some plausible arguments - given fundamental and far-reaching EU reforms.

Bank of England: economy will be hit hard if Britain leaves EU, The Guardian

IMF says EU exit 'largest near-term risk' to British economy, BBC News

Brexit and the threats it poses to Bermuda

Leaving the European Union would make the UK as significant as Guernsey, France's economy minister has said. BBC News

See also previous posting, Greek Fears, German Worries

Οι Ευρωπαίοι ηγέτες προειδοποιούν για τα κόστη του Brexit - a growing nervousness regarding the repercussions of this development for the EU has led many European leaders to issue warnings to the British about the painful consequences of a Brexit.

Η επόμενη μέρα περνάει από το Λονδίνο

David Rennie interview on Slate in USA, listen from 21.00 to 40.50 minute points

The Brief from Brussels: the economic impact of a Brexit on other European countries, Euronews

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