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Monday, 20 June 2016

Negades: The Panigyri I Managed to Miss

The service was already over, and so was the second day of the panigyri (apparently a daytime event on the second day of the feast of the Holy Spirit). Only the priest remained, gathering some roses. He told me that on klarino the previous evening was Michalis Brachopoulos

Video from 2012

Video from 2015 - Μπραχόπουλος Μιχάλης.-Λίτσιος Γιάννης-Πατσούρας Γιώργος

In its heyday, Negades was a wealthy village with around 1500 inhabitants. Nowadays only five people live there in the winter. The Church is spectacular, and well worth a visit. The church, with its three altars (Saint George, Saint Demetrius and the Holy Trinity) includes wall-paintings of Aristotle and Plutarch (no halos) up amongst the Saints. The carved and gilded wooden screen and iconostasis are magnificent. The church was already very dark inside by the time I arrived, on this occasion.

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"Go to Aghios Georgios Church, Negades, Zagori (dedicated to St. George, Saint Demetrius and the Holy Trinity), to see this palindrome above the door women and girls enter, or used to go, to their area behind the lattice screen. The palindrome reads the same way in either direction. It's like a new commandment:


"Wash the sin and not only the face" or "Do not wash only your face- Wash away your sins!"

" νίψον = wash, ανομηματα = sins, μη = not, μονάν = only, όψιν = face (the)."

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