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Monday, 13 June 2016

Japan: A Zen Garden

From Facebook, Japanese Art and Architecture:

"Masuno Shunmei is one of the world’s Japanese garden designers, and is also a Zen Buddhist priest. His overriding philosophy is that “the garden is a special spiritual place in which the mind dwells.” He began his lecture identifying the differences between western ideals of beauty and the Japanese concept of beauty. The Japanese concept of beauty focuses on asymmetry, and imperfection/incompletion. The imperfection is where the soul of the artist is expressed and identifiable".

See more on his official site:

Garden Design Philosophy

Facebook Japanese Art and Architecture Curator and Content Editor Mayumi Hara

See also: Zagori Village, Zen Scenes

Two of my old Zen-inspired winter garden photos, Zagori, Greece:

"What do they think of
  Where they lean
                     Like ponderous heads, the rocks?"

From "Zen: The Rocks of Sesshu"
Lucien Stryk

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