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Saturday, 7 February 2015

USA: Private Visit to Jerry Lee Lewis Ranch, Nesbit, Mississippi; and at Ferriday, Louisiana

With Jerry Lee's (former) father-in-law

"I'm really sorry, Jerry Lee's still asleep"

I'm feeling sorry

 "Jerry Lee hasn't woken up yet"

Family Home and Boyhood Church, Ferriday, Louisiana:

We were welcomed and  shown round the house
 and little museum by Jerry Lee's sister, Frankie Jean

Religious discussion: Jerry Lee Lewis, Sam Phillips, Billy Riley

A message from Billy (Lee) Riley

Still waiting.
  "When you've finished, Jerry Lee!"
Sun Studio Reception, Memphis, Tennessee

"Rolling on the River", boarding the riverboat, New Orleans

New Orleans Boogie, Jerry Lee Lewis (1952)


On the Bayou: where Hank Williams had the inspiration for "Jambalaya":

A melodic source, "Grand Texas"

New Orleans, The King

New Orleans, Gary 'US' Bonds

Walkin' to New Orleans, Fats Domino

 Finally, something I wrote back in January, 1984. I sent a copy to Frankie Jean in Ferriday,
 for the Jerry Lee Lewis museum:

The Killer

A career in cultural diplomacy.
Met a lot of concert pianists: regular recitals.
Nothing against them: decent people, played good piah-no.
But I must admit
I'm a rocker at heart.
Prefer boogie-woogie blasting out,
Jerry Lee thumping the keyboard,
Pumping the pianner with fingers, fists, elbows, feet,
Humping it, jumping on top of it too,
Kicking the piano stool
Across the quaking stage,
Standing there shaking and stabbing the keys.
I loved it then, a quarter of a century ago;
I love it now; it's the music of my age.
When nobody's around,
I still try to pick out a basic twelve-bar boogie,
Pound away like the Louisiana "Welshman" on the Steinway concert grand.
I'm good at the glissandi. Nothing else.
The Killer began at eight. For me at forty it's getting late.
Rewrite the syllabus for Young Beginners!
Let Great Balls of Fire, the Lewis way,
Become their Grade One Study piece:
Fortissimo; with feeling. 

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