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Monday, 23 February 2015

In Support of Greece and the Greek Economy

I may be in England, but it seems my subconscious told me to make a Greek coffee this morning. I had a double dose.

Should I refill the flitzani

I forgot to use the coffee dregs to read the fortune... 

P.S. I'm not hoarding.

"Given the low interest rates, Greek debt is sustainable"

Greece Forced Into a Corner for Negotiations: Mackinnon
"The reality and the mandate collide- irreconcilable?"

More from Bloomberg

Paul Mason, Channel 4 News

Kathimerini: Discussions Ongoing with Partners

Voices of Dissent Within SYRIZA Getting Louder Against Reforms Agreement,

Costas Lapavitsas, SYRIZA MP: Five Questions


What can one do? Only very insignificant things.
 I rushed out to buy some Greek Feta. I checked the small print:

"Produced and Packed in Greece from Greek Milk"

Bought two packets - the real thing, not just "Greek-Style".
Encouraging Greek competitiveness and exports is important.

Greek Wines (Wall Street Journal)

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