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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Greece, Land Registry (Cadastral Survey): Over Half a Million Houses Built on State-Owned and Forest Land; Κτηματολόγιο: Στον αέρα πάνω από 500.000 σπίτια

From Ta Nea

The Greek State is claiming back land which is still classified as public property.

19,000 house-owners have received notification letters from the Greek government's State Property department (Ministry of Finance). The situation is "up in the air". House-owners all over Greece are likely to lose their sleep. It could also mean a further block to the "already compromised" Land Registry process while appeals are submitted, according to Ta Nea:

Τι σημαίνει αυτό στην πράξη; Σημαίνει μπλοκάρισμα της ήδη επιβαρυμένης διαδικασίας κτηματογράφησης από τις προσφυγές του Δημοσίου.

19.000 ειδοποιητήρια έχουν σταλεί από την Περιφερειακή Διεύθυνση Δημόσιας Περιουσίας Αττικής σε ιδιοκτήτες ακινήτων στο Γαλάτσι, στην Αγία Βαρβάρα, στη Νέα Ιωνία, στο Ηράκλειο, στο Περιστέρι και στο Χαϊδάρι

Πάνω από 500.000 ιδιοκτήτες ακινήτων στην Αττική και εκατοντάδες χιλιάδες ακόμη σε όλη την Ελλάδα αναμένεται να χάσουν τον ύπνο τους μέσα στο επόμενο διάστημα, καθώς το υπουργείο Οικονομικών έχει αρχίσει ήδη να αποστέλλει ειδοποιητήρια με τα οποία τους γνωστοποιεί ότι διεκδικεί τα σπίτια τους

Full article here (Greek)

Google automatic translation (sorry, no time to correct):

Over 500,000 homeowners in the air - The State claiming their homes Over 500,000 homeowners in Attica and hundreds of thousands more across Greece are expected to lose their sleep in the coming period, as the Finance Ministry has already started sending notices to which the notice that claiming their homes The state claiming lands in areas throughout Greece once - even 100 years ago were classified as forest and in many cases even raise the question titles and adverse possession. But these and areas normally joined the city plan, were built legally, but have only lost the forest and not the public nature. So far, according to sources from the Regional Directorate of Public Property Attica, sent about 19,000 notices to property owners in Galaţi, in Ag. Varvara, Nea Ionia, Heraklion, Peristeri and Haidari. Although the question has arisen before could still arise be settled by legislation, as requested by the competent services, it remains there, with all that implies for the agony and suffering of the owners, while a problem - the objections submitted - in the land registration process. But the proposal for legislation encounters serious difficulties, since whoever makes it risks being accused of infidelity, as against a strong interpretation would apempolouse rights of the State. The situation that has developed clearly shows the mess that exists around what is public property and what not, since the State seems to have no clear picture of what he owns. How far the problem occurred? As explained by the Directorate of Public Property Attica, the above mentioned areas were once forested. By joining the city plan lost forest nature but maintained the public. The State, by the summer of 2013, was not required to declare his real property. It is now, with the new Law on Cadastre. Meanwhile, in many municipalities, the cadastral survey is completed. And there begins the problem with tensions. From the Mortgage -which Athens Service under the Finance Ministry - blame the Forestry Department that sent in real estate services with simple documents accompanying the transmission, without documentation, and without history, the former forest polygons (SS : these include hundreds of parcels each of which may exist many rem) asking them to declare these areas of the Land and to support the rights of the State. Resources from the Regional Directorate of Public Property Attica admit that all these objections submitted to the Land Registry is Eastbound & Down. However, as explained, employees are obliged by law to go to, and therefore suffer both homeowners and the employees in a period in which the services are decimated. For example, in Heraklion, according to information from the Land Registry, within the project areas in the State claims 118 parcels (ed all plots are either structured - with building -either not). However, after the processing of appeals in only eight of them have qualified for the State. What does this mean That after the trial, if not adduce any evidence the citizen to prove the possession of this land parcel, will be recorded on the basis of the land register as owner of the State. At the same time, in N. Ionia, again within the project areas, the State claiming 6.359 parcels. But after the treatment of complaints only 254 of them have qualified the State. For this reason the Directorate of Public Service to ask for legislation. Indeed, the director of the service Evangelia Deaf had informed the previous leadership of the Ministry of Finance of the problem has already arisen from 2 October 2014. There is also a correspondence, but the subject (ie the legislation) has been frozen so far. For the property owner receiving the registered informative and surprised learns that the property claimed by the government, apart from the cold shower, means and charge even up to 500, since in most cases you will need legal assistance. And of course the question arises how to know a property owner that the land, for example, which has built belonged before 100-150 years in government, when nobody cared to tell him and even has documents market. What does this mean in practice? Means blocking the already compromised land registration process by appeals to the State.

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