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Monday, 16 February 2015

Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary

From EU Observer

"The EU's line on Russia is fragile. The governments of Cyprus, Slovakia, Austria and Greece oppose European sanctions against Russia, be it for ideological or economic reasons. To those Moscow-friendly countries, one more should be added - the Czech Republic in the form of its prime constitutional representative".

Russian Influence in Central Europe, Hungary, from The Guardian

"It is not only in Hungary that the Russians are back. All over Europe, and particularly in central and southern Europe, the Kremlin is making inroads at a time when relations between Russia and the west are at their most tense and brittle in the post-communist era. Russia is actively projecting its influences in the Balkans, particularly in Serbia and Bosnia, and has been noticeably cultivating ties with parties on the left and right further west in Europe".

Update from Reuters: The President and the US Ambassador

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