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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Greece-Eurozone Talks: Not Enough Progress - A Deadlock or a "Healing Deal" To Come?

From Reuters

"In seven hours of crisis talks in Brussels that ended after midnight, euro zone finance ministers were unable to agree even a joint statement on the next procedural steps. Both sides played down the setback, insisting there had been no rupture".

Kathimerini report (Greek)

Kathimerini report (English) report with video statement

"No joint conclusions" or "deadlock"? report

"Almost agreed" (Peter Spiegel FT blog)

Update on Tsipras' actions, Mignatiou

Reuters on Grexit

The Economist

"Unless Syriza changes course, Greece is inexorably heading out of the euro"

Tax Revenue Shortfall, Kathimerini

Revenues decline

All about language and terminology? EU Observer

The common language includes "current programme" and "future government plans" - instead of "bailout extension"

Compromise possible (BBC)

Failure to settle differences on dent, New York Times

Prime Minister Tsipras, update from


More on Monday...

On a lighter touch - which will it be?

Healing Rain

The Healer


Blue Monday

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