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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Greece: No One's Done a Koungi (Kunghi, Κούγκι); Souliot War Song; Terrible Souli; Kako-Souli (Kακο-Σούλι )

So far, no one's "done a Koungi", which must mean that the Greek government got what it wanted.

 See my earlier posting.

The bravery and resistance of the Souliots have never been forgotten. We should take note of the war songs of the Greeks.

Published 1917 

See a tragic report in Keep Talking Greece

On Souli and Koungi (Kunghi):

Some background Frédéric Guillaume de Vaudoncourt

The Reverend Thomas Hughes on Kunghi

William Martin Leake, the Monk Samuel

Cartoon, Ilias Makris

To do a Koungi - or a Delphi?

Andreas Embiricos, translated by Nikos Stangos and Alan Ross,

from Neoptolemos A, King of the Hellenes (last page)


  1. I smiled when I read that your copy of the Balkan Trilogy has fallen to pieces. I too have the complete trilogy in one volume (with "Friends and Heroes", and as I was reading and turning the pages they would drop all around me. The book belonged to my mother and was already stuck up with cellotape. I am now reading the Levant Trilogy but have also taken The Cat of Portovecchio with me as we are spending a week in the mountains (thermal baths) and have more time to read. Thanks for all the interesting links on the current Greek situation which I share with Spiros. I also enjoyed seeing the poster of the Old Vic Tour, Australia and New Zealand, 1948; Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh. There is some kind of synchronicity. Benitses, where we live part of the year, was a gathering place of the London theater world in the early sixties. The little house we bought in the 90s had belonged to Roger Furse, the production/costume designer who won an Oscar for creating the sets for Hamlet with Lawrence Olivier. In the villa next door lived the author and playwright Emlyn Williams. Viven Leigh, Lawrence Olivier and other actors were guests there and in "our" house. Best, Nickie I tried posting this message on a previous blog page (Gerald Durrell) but it didn't work

  2. Thank you. I read your comment with great interest. Benitses was very different in the 1960s. Did you know Michael Fisher, a doctor-author?

    Best wishes


  3. Benitses was indeed different in the sixties and even more so in the 80-90s!! When my brother-in-law found the house we ultimately bought I told him that of all the the island this would be the last place I would want to be. Fortunately after the the decadent decade with hordes of tourists and night life it has become a peaceful fishing village again.
    I didn't know Michael Fisher, did he write about Benitses? I didn't really know Benitses in the 60s but stopped there when cycling from Corfu town to Moraitika in 1968. I have pictures of Vivien Leigh and the Furse from my friend and neighbour Viny. Best wishes, Nickie