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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Greece: "Falling Property Prices - Prices Could Halve Again"

More scare-mongering from Mail Online

"Would you dare go Greek on the cheap? These stunning properties have plunged in price but with a Gr-exit looming, this could be a fools' paradise.

Property prices have plunged 35% in just over a year.

Brits snapping up villas and homes at knock-down prices.

Threat of Greece leaving Euro zone means prices could halve again."

Not on Corfu!


But see also: Houses Built on State-Owned Land

Observing Greece, Klaus Kastner: Greece's Current Account, January-December 2014

"Conclusion: as Greeks spend more money, imports go up because the domestic economy cannot provide the products and services which Greek consumers desire in a sufficient amount, or not at all. There is no better argument to support structural reforms than this! The Greek economy will only begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel when increased consumer spending stimulates the domestic economy instead of the economies of other countries".

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