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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Greece and Travel Writing: "Perceptions of Place, and the Imaginative Gaze"; Poros Summer Course

The Imaginative Gaze

"Creative Nonfiction: Questions of Travel, Perceptions of Place, and the Imaginative Gaze", Poros Island.

An interesting summer course aimed at North American college students

My kind of topic. I hope the students will have access to this forthcoming new book, edited by Gabriel Ricci, "Travel, Tourism and Identity"

My own chapter deals with aspects of this topic:

"Grockles and Locals: Tourists, Service Providers and Residents - Mutual Perceptions and the Reciprocal Gaze (A Mediterranean Case Study: Corfu, Greece)"

Maybe this book would be relevant too:

Related: from Landscapes of the Imagination series (OUP, USA edition)

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