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Monday, 11 March 2013

Poynton, Cheshire, A Walk - and Into the Past

I found both this illustrated walk and this illustrated walk  (Keith Jaggers, pdf files) around Poynton, Cheshire, very informative. Update from Keith Jaggers (see Poynton, Walk 1).

Poynton, A Coalmining Village is also invaluable and fascinating, as are David Kitching's Poynton Collieries web pages. All great resources.

See also Poynton Community Website.

Poynton Today (video)

Anson Engine Museum, Poynton c1900 (video)

Family History:

Some Poynton images and family links, and a cricket-loving grandfather who worked all his life for The Manchester Guardian (JRP was born in 1872 and died in 1922, aged 49):

"Jim and Sallie" Married 21 August, 1907

Wedding Reception at Gouldens' home, Midway Farm, Poynton

The Bells of St. George's Church, Poynton

Two photos of Midway Farm (ca. 1910),
with  thanks to Keith Jaggers.
The buildings were apparently demolished in the 1920s.

Sallie (born 1878; died 27 December, 1962;
the winter of 1962-1963)

At a cousin's wedding

Bramhall Cricket Team (far right, with bat)

Standing (4th from left)

January is the cruellest month ("αποθανειν θελω")

JRP, born September 1872,  died 28 January, 1922
 (described as a "newspaper correspondent" in Probate)

Photos Courtesy of Keith Jaggers

I have to check the discrepancy in date of birth. In the register of births (Macclesfield, Cheshire) for Jul-September 1872 (vol 8a p 103), the birth is registered as September 1872.


Poynton Cricket Club  

 Closer text for reading:

Committees, including Sallie's father,
James Potts Goulden, of Midway Farm and Fleet Bank Farm, Poynton
(he died on the 31st March, 1937)

Photo Courtesy of Margaret Wrigley, March 2019

My father:

James Kenneth Potts, Poynton Boyhood.

Ken's father (JRP) died when Ken was only ten. When Ken was born, his father was 38 and his mother 33 (1911 Census).

Ken's mother, 'Sallie' (Sarah), one of  twelve children in a farming family (Midway Farm, Fleet Bank Farm), lived to a good old age. The names of the twelve children of James Potts Goulden  (died 31 March, 1937) and Martha (nee Bracegirdle), who died on August 16, 1905, aged 49:  Elizabeth, Sarah, James, Mary, Fred, Hannah, Annie, Mildred, George, Ethel, Allan, Arthur. Elizabeth married George W. Clayton.

James Potts Goulden and children

A Poynton family wedding. JRP bottom right

I'm in sporadic contact with David Clayton, who has had a long interest in this side of the family tree. Recently Keith Jaggers has been most helpful. I am very grateful to them both, and to David Kitching.

My grandfather's father was Thomas Potts (born June 15, 1840, died 14 July, 1890, aged 50) and his mother was Charlotte (nee Richardson); born on December 25, 1847, she died on 25 August, 1907, aged 59. Thomas and Charlotte had five children: George, Sarah, James R., Edward and Thomas. In 1901 the widowed Charlotte and her sons JRP and Thomas were living at 22 Poynton Terrace.

Thomas and Charlotte Potts and children, 
Poynton Terrace, circa 1884

I have to visit St. George's Church to find out more. Keith Jaggers kindly did some invaluable research and sent me these photographs:

My father as a boy:

Macclesfield Grammar School

The next "JRP" (me, aged 6 months, Bristol, June 1945,
with my paternal grandmother:

Her home by the early 1930's, perhaps earlier, was in Bramhall, Cheshire (19 Maple Road). In 1911, when my father was born, she and JRP lived at Sunnyside, 7 Park Lane, Poynton.


  1. Hello Jim i have just been looking at your ancestors the Potts family i think we share the same great grandfather Thomas Potts born 1840 his son Thomas in the photo was my dads father .i have just started my family tree and came across your blog the photos are brilliant i dont suppose you have any more of my granddad Thomas Potts D.O.B 1878 who is on the photo
    regards G.S.P

    1. Fascinating! Thanks for writing. I don't think I have any more photos, but if I find any I will post them here. Jim

  2. Sorry to say last message from mr could be wrong information i am still working on my Potts family tree and finding a few red herrings
    regards G.S.P