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Friday, 1 March 2013

A Corfu Visit (1968), A Brief Portrait of My Mother, and a Family Anniversary

Some photos of my mother's visit to Corfu (from Castle Cary, Somerset) in the summer of 1968, and from various periods of her childhood and life.

She was very shy and hated being photographed.

She was born in March, 1915.

She died in Dorchester, in Dorset County Hospital, in April, 2001, aged 86.

She would have been 98 tomorrow.


A friend's fishing boat in Roda

Taverna in Roda

Sailing to Paxos, by caique.

Sailing with Jimmie Katsaros, Corfu

Wedding Day, 1938:


Tennis, August 1937

 Childhood, with her grandfather

With Colonel and Mrs Sneyd, Keele Hall

Caste Cary days

Visiting West Bay from Castle Cary, 1969 or 1970

Two Ninas

Later years at West Bay, Bridport, 1977-2001 (posted 2 March):

My mother's school, The Garden School, Lane End, nr. High Wycombe. The school was first established in North London in 1917; moved to Ballinger Grange, Great Missenden in 1920; registered as a private limited company in 1924; moved to Wycombe Court, near High Wycombe, c. 1927, when it became known as Wycombe Court School or Wycombe Court Garden School:

It was still known as The Garden School in 1928:

The Garden School was quite experimental and encouraged the arts.
The girls were also encouraged to go barefoot. My mother was a promising ballerina and pianist.


(As a matter of interest, the actress Julie Christie attended this school at a later date. "As a teenager at the all-girls' Wycombe Court School, she played the Dauphin in a production of  Shaw's Saint Joan") (Wikipedia).

After her grandfather died, my mother and the family moved from Bath to Bristol (Old Sneed Road, Stoke Bishop) and later to Rylestone Grove, Clifton);  my mother  transferred to The Collegiate School, Durdham Down, Bristol, where she took her School Leaving Certificate.


  1. I really enjoyed finding these rare images of Wycombe court school. I am a director of sales at the site where the school used to be (now Lane End Conference Centre) and would love to find out if you have any other images of the school. you can reach me on

  2. Thank you Heni,I'm glad you found the images of interest. Alas I have no others.