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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Planning Offensives Threaten Sherborne and Dorchester

"A planning offensive has roused the people of ancient Wessex to anger"

An article by Geoffrey Lean and Louise Gray, The Telegraph, 9 March

Dorchester, No Care for the Town? An article by Trevor Bevins in Dorchester, March 7th

Prince Charles urges harmony with nature

Countryfile (BBC IPlayer)  Walking in the countryside stimulates the thinking and reflecting.

Councillors for hire - I hope this situation (see video interview with an East Devon Councillor) doesn't apply in Dorset

Update: Don't destroy Hardy land, Prince told (Mail, March 13)

Not quite the last word: A A Gill, Sunday Times Culture Section, 17 March 2013:

"Every time I catch 10 minutes of Countryfile, it reminds me I must lobby my MP to build more houses".

I'm afraid I don't agree with his view that "this is a programme that is the mother lode of nostalgia, mostly for Tory party dreams of the 1950s."

HRH The Prince of Wales, says Gill, "came in character... (as) Worzel Gummidge to frighten off the 21st century".

Some people hate the sight of green fields, it seems.

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