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Friday, 31 July 2015

Oxford University Press, USA (Special Offer): "The Ionian Islands and Epirus, A Cultural History"

From Oxford University Press (USA) - some reviews of my book; currently available in the USA on special offer (NB, unsure when this special offer ends):

"He examines perceptions and preconceived ideas (as well as their historical development up until the present day), Greek Nationalism as well as the chauvinism of foreigners. This presentation makes the book more interesting than a strictly historical narrative. The style is fluent, compact, enjoyable and understandable, and the author exhibits a subtle sense of humour. The author's love for the place and the people is obvious, but he also has an honest, open and evenly directed critical attitude." -- To Zagori Mas

"An important book that will kindle new research and thinking on the political and literary history of the region." --Times Literary Supplement

"If evidence is required that Greece can enchant, enthral and engage, then Briton Jim Potts' book is just that... This little gem of a book will provide the discerning traveller with something grossly lacking from other tourist guides: a real cultural history with which he or she can contextualise the wonderful experience that is the Ionian Islands and Epirus." --Athens News

See also Table of Contents and Description

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