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Monday, 6 July 2015

Kostas Krystallis, On the Inhabitants of the Zagori, Epirus; Ζαγόρι - Κώστας Κρυστάλλης (1868–1894) -ΜΕΛΕΤΗΜΑΤΑ

Κώστας Κρυστάλλης; 1868–1894

From Kostas Krystallis, Meletimata (Zagori section)

Some interesting if controversial observations (with confusing and outdated nineteenth century terminology) about the Vlachs, the Sarakatsani and other people who inhabit the Zagori region of Epirus.

Does the name Karagoúna refer only to an ethnic group in Thessaly? Andrew Carnie suggests that "the etymology of the name is obscure but might mean black fur or black coat".

Kostas Krystallis, in his essay on Malakasi, also offers some highly controversial thoughts on the etymology of the word "Sarakatsani" and on the Sarakatsani people of Greece. I wonder if this is the source of some of Patrick Leigh Fermor's ideas about the Sarakatsan or "the Black Departers" (see Roumeli)?

The Krystallis essays can (probably) be found in this book:

659 Σ.

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