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Saturday, 4 July 2015

Kalpaki, Greece - Eve of the Greek Referendum : On the Front Line; Καλπάκι (and despatches from Andros)

Poster close to the Bank of Piraeus ATM, Kalpaki, Epirus.

I waited in turn to try my luck at the ATM this morning.

I was lucky. I used a foreign Visa card.

Some of the Greeks were not so lucky, they couldn't even get 60 Euros.

Some were desperate - as well as very angry, at all those who'd "eaten their money". 

They left with nothing. They had nothing. A very sad situation.

I am not sure that they were impressed or influenced by the poster.

"The chairman of Greece’s biggest bank put an end to the speculation about how long the nation’s crippled lenders can function after Sunday’s referendum. Without a fresh injection from the European Central Bank -- or a reduced ceiling on withdrawals -- ATMs will start running dry within hours of the vote, according to Louka Katseli, chairwoman of the National Bank of Greece.
“Liquidity is adequate through the end of the bank holiday” that’s due to end Monday night, Katseli told reporters Friday as she left meetings at the Finance Ministry".

There is considerable scare-mongering in the foreign press.

"EU warns of Armageddon if Greek voters reject terms"

and this report: - "Greece has become a battleground for the worst ideas of the 20th century
There will be no winners in this showdown between Left-wing fantasists and the European project’s true believers".

Keep Talking Greece - Schaeuble threatens Referendum voters with “temporary euro exit” and “bank collapse”

Many people are revisiting and reposting this Monty Python sketch:
  The Philosophers' Football Match, Greece versus Germany

Unacceptable propaganda (external and internal) from both sides .

To Vima report - Η αποτυχία της στρατηγικής Τσίπρα, οι ευκαιρίες για συμφωνία που «κλώτσησε» ο Βαρουφάκης και η ανάγκη για μια νέα κυβέρνηση εθνικής σωτηρίας

The Guardian report - Get him to the Greek referendum: fearful expats book out flights home -
"The million Greeks living abroad had to return home at short notice if they wanted to have a say in the country’s economic future. Many are doing so".

MSN/SKY report - Voting Begins In Greek Bailout Referendum

Financial Times article - Jacques Delors - Greece and Europe must recognise stakes of Grexit

A Czech View - Být či nebýt?

Up in Zagori (Vitsa) - very well organised, under the supervision of lawyers from Athens; no one bussed in by rival political parties.

Washington Post - "Greeks cast ballots on nation’s future in Europe"

Kathimerini: M. Schultz: With "NO" Greece will have to adopt the new currency- Μ. Σουλτς: Με «ΟΧΙ» η Ελλάδα θα πρέπει να υιοθετήσει νέο νόμισμα

EUobserver report- 'Europe needs Greece for its own security'

The Economist - How Greece's referendum works

"Invalid crosses" - government circular

Meanwhile, on the Aegean island of Andros, Amalia Melis writes in Glimmer Train -
"A Writing Life After the Greek Referendum: Vote No, Vote Yes"

From another American on Andros: Diana Farr Louis -
"Athens Calling, Summer 2015" (The Weekly Hubris)

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