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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Old Epirot songs by Σαββας Σιατρας - Σταύρος Καψάλης on klarino - Five Days Married; Paidia tis Samarinas

The great Savvas Siatras (Σαββας Σιατρας) from Karitsa near Zitsa, Epirus.

"He comes from Karitsa, a village in the Ioannina Prefecture. He studied for two years at the Zosimaia School in Zitsa, Ioannina, and six years at the Rizarios School".

Five songs from his 1979 vinyl LP (ΆΪΝΤΕ ΜΑΡΩ ΣΤΟ ΠΗΓΑΔΙ) with the outstanding Stavros Kapsalis on klarino. Στο κλαρίνο ο Σταύρος Καψάλης.

About Stavros Kapsalis (information from my good friend Demetrios Dallas): "Stavros Kapsalis comes from Kato Pedhina (Kato Soudhena), but his father -- also a musician, I believe -- left the village at a young age through marriage for Zitsa or Karitsa, the village next door to it. Stavros made his name in Pogoni. He is a rather distant relative of Gregoris Kapsalis, but certainly a closer relative of the late Spyros and Kostas Kapsalis of the Takoutsia band. A very good klarinist, characterised by his softer sound".

Ta Kleftopoula (Paidia tis Samarinas) - the best interpretation ever recorded?

την αμμο αμμο πηγαινα

Five days married - Πέντε μέρες παντρεμένη - Σ Σιάτρας,  Στ Καψάλης - an amazing version with beautiful klarino playing. Is this isn't the essence of the deep blues, what is? A miroloi-like young widow's lament about her dead husband, after they have been married for only five days. The klarino pours out its grief, as if imitating the sobbing waves of the young widow's grief and tears.


Στης πικροδάφνης τον ανθό

Γιάννη μου το μαντήλι σου (Πωγώνι) - Ηπειρώτικα τραγούδια

A later live recording - Σ.ΣΙΑΤΡΑΣ ΜΕ ΧΑΛΙΛΟΠΟΥΛΟ - Πέντε μέρες παντρεμένη

More songs from Epirus

Μια ωραία Βοσκοπούλα

Του Αλή πασά


Ξενιτεμένο μου πουλί (Πωγώνι)

Γιάννη μου το μαντήλι σου (Πωγώνι) - "Ερμηνεύει ένας από τους καλύτερους Ηπειρώτες τραγουδιστές ο Σάββας Σιάτρας, με χαρακτηριστικό ηχόχρωμα και αυθεντική φωνή".

Κλαρίνο: Σταύρος Καψάλης
Αχιλλέας Χαλκιάς: Βιολί
Χριστόδουλος Ζούμπας: Λαούτο
Νίκος Κοντός: Ντέφι

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