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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Corfu, 1972: "Mess stops here"; Sunday Telegraph. 24.12.1972

A clipping I have kept since 1972. From an article by Nicholas Tomalin, in The Sunday Telegraph of 24 December, 1972. A significant turning point in the development of the island?.

"As we landed on the newly-elongated Corfu airstrip they told us we were the first really large tourist jetful to arrive at the island. The very first chartered Boeing 707. It's nice to be first, I suppose. It is also sad to realise that...(it) is likely to be overwhelmed by waves of Boeing 707s...Get to the places where the advantages of development have arrived and not the clutter...all the mess stops abruptly just before a beautiful pebbly beach called Barbati, beneath the olive groves on the side of Mount Pantokrator"

Mess stops here

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  1. Just flew back from Corfu today and find things so depressing. Unfortunately "Mess doesn't stop here" it's everywhere with piled up garbage containers on every road, litter-strewn beaches and rusty and broken railings. No money nor seemingly the will to fix things. So sad.