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Friday, 26 June 2015

Greece and the EU: Heracles and the Hydra-Headed Monster; The Labours of Hercules - The Fight Continues; Britain (in the margins)

Is the struggle finally coming to an end?

Generous offer (Kathimerini)

The latest proposals

Kathimerini (English) - Eurozone can help Greece repay debt in 5 month bailout extension

Kathimerini - Merkel, Hollande dangle financing before Tsipras

More - Schaeuble says greater risk in Greece crisis is euro credibility


EU Observer - EU leaders spend ill-tempered evening talking about Greece, migrants

“If this is your idea of Europe you can keep it”

On the British issue, BBC News

"We should never trust what the EU says. They change their mind more often than I change my shirts, which is very often" - Eurosceptic Redwood.

"David Cameron has accepted there may be no change to the EU's treaties to accommodate Britain's demands ahead of a referendum, the BBC understands. Mr Cameron has instead argued for "irreversible" and "legally binding" guarantees that EU law will be changed at some point in the future, says BBC political editor Nick Robinson".

EU Observer - "David Cameron has said British people can feel confident to vote on the EU before treaty change, while outlining a minimalist role for UK membership".

The Guardian, A Storm of Crises

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