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Monday, 8 June 2015

Maiden Castle, Dorset: Ovine Archaeologists Reconsider the Evidence at the Temple and Cemetery

Ovine Archaeologists inspect the site

Thinks: "Was it a Roman Temple, Romano-Celtic - or should we call it Romano-British?"

"Let's see what the sign has to say"

"Minerva? Athena, I should say - definite Greek influence. 
Could the plaque have been left behind by a Greek-speaking Roman legionary or auxiliary, I wonder?
Sign of a revival of paganism? Interesting to consider it in relation to the Hinton St. Mary mosaic".

"Sheep have always been important throughout history, 
whether the human beings were pagan or Christian".

"True enough. These foundation walls were quite well-built - heavily restored - but the precinct is a bit small for a temple, wouldn't you agree? It looks more like the remains of a shepherd's hut."
"Not a sacrificial site, I trust".

"Now, what do you deduce from the position of this arrow-head?"
"It could have been a ballista-bolt or a javelin head; can we be sure it was Roman?".

"Those ancient sling-shots look decidedly dodgy; I wonder where  Sir Mortimer found them? Chesil Beach, I reckon".

"Oh well, I've got better things to do".

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