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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

"Greece Proposes, EU Disposes"; The Blame Game, Rhetoric and Tactical Manoeuvering; Staggered Package and Compromise? Hugs and Kisses/ Sweetness and Light?

Latest Greek proposals dismissed (Reuters) - "European Union officials on Tuesday swiftly dismissed new Greek promises of economic reform, saying the proposals were not enough to unlock funds that Athens urgently needs to avoid defaulting on its debts".

Elsewhere: "optimism"  - Αισιοδοξία για συμφωνία την Τετάρτη

Not quite everywhere: Schaeuble comments

New Greek proposals on the way...

On the "blame game" - Σόιμπλε: Δεν θα εμπλακούμε στο blame game του ΣΥΡΙΖΑ

"Less tactical manoeuvering" - Debt talks in doubt as Greece struggles with new plans (Euronews):

“Agreement is possible, but it requires political will, first and foremost, from the Greek side, so it is important really that they do less tactical maneuvering and concentrate on the work on substance really within the next coming days.”

EU Observer - EU commission turns down Greek proposal: "The EU commission "informed the Greek government representatives that the latest suggestions do not reflect "last week's discussions" with Greece's creditors, the commission spokesman said on Wednesday".

Reuters: Latest Greek Proposal Not What Was Agreed

Reuters report - "An EU official said the Greeks had made no advance since submitting a three-page proposal on Monday viewed as insufficient because it did not address pension reform or labor market measures sought by the creditors. "If there is no movement, there is no meeting," the official said".

Businesses hit the wall

Germany may be satisfied with staggered package one economic reform measure, Bloomberg

All hugs and kisses again (Keep Talking Greece)

Not entirely, it seems; Berlin denies "staggered agreement"

Far too much speculation, obfuscation and disinformation. I think I'll go to Greece to discover the truth!

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