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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Sir Patrick Leigh Fermor, The Man of the Mani, Paddy's World, BBC Radio 4: John Humphrys, 22 June

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David Wills (also featured) kindly alerted me.

The Man Of The Mani

Monday 22 June



"John Humphrys travels to Greece, to the village of Kardamyli in the Mani, to explore the life and work of travel writer Patrick Leigh Fermor.

Fermor is arguably the most influential travel writer of the 20th century. At the age of 18 he set off, with notebook in hand, on a walk across Europe. During World War Two, he fought in Greece and Crete, and is still remembered in the country today for his daring exploits with the resistance. His most celebrated action came in 1944, when he led a commando operation to abduct the German General Heinrich Kreipe.

In the early 1960s he moved to Greece, to the Southern Peloponnese. He built a house in the village of Kardamyli in the Mani. It was here that he wrote much of his most celebrated work and where he remained until his death in 2011.

In this programme, Humphrys visits Fermor’s village to explore the influence Greece had upon his life and work, and to consider the impact he had on the village and its people. He visits Fermor’s former home, now in the care of the Benaki Museum in Athens, and discusses the plans for its future. He meets people in the village who met Fermor when he first arrived, including a man in his 90s who recalls how they ‘danced on the tables into the night’. He also hears tales of influential guests, great writers like Bruce Chatwin and John Betjeman, even a king and queen. Accompanied by Fermor’s book, Mani: Travels In The Southern Peloponnese, Humphrys also travels into the deep Mani, one of the remotest, wildest and most isolated regions in Greece".

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A programme to catch NB Broadcast time is 4pm

On the state of the house


The Leigh Fermor Effect, Alexander Billinis, 24 December 2017, The Weekly Hubris

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