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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Corfu, Bumpy Runway?

From The Aviation Herald, on an Aircraft Incident at Corfu Airport

"The airline reported the bumpy runway at Corfu caused a door sensor to signal an open door"

Two Comments:

"the rwy in CFU is in much better condition than rwys in other airports . I ve been flying with 737 in this airport for more that 12 years. We never had an issue. Other things have to worry u in CFU"- Alex.

Anonymous comment: "bumpy runway and attribute to the financial scene in Greece? Wonder how their expected bankruptcy will fare with air safety".

Personally, I can't recall experiencing a bumpy landing or take-off at Corfu airport, in spite of the relatively short runway. A selective memory?

Others have commented in the past. see this video from 2008

More landing videos

Some more, if you really want to watch. 

Approach to Corfu

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