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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Serbia and Croatia: UN verdict on genocide cases- "Not Guilty"; Yugoslavia, 1989-1991

From BBC News

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague is to announce its ruling on genocide cases between Croatia and Serbia.


Euronews: Not Guilty verdict

Euronews: Unforgettable bloodshed


On Yugoslavia, 1989-1991:

When I was making an official tour of Yugoslavia in December 1989 (13-21 December 1989) I heard dire prophecies of bloodshed. I was back in Bosnia in November 1991; on my return to London, I wrote this poem:

Bosnia, November 1991.

My birthday. Sarajevo.
The war is getting closer.
This year Yugoslavia:
Next year, and thereafter?  
I walk down the Mall,
Ready for another mission.
Carlton House Terrace.
The gardener glares behind spiked railings.
He's sick of raking up dead leaves,
Looks ready to pounce at a passer-by,
To engage in random conversation.
No-one has time to talk of flowers.
We're all ready to pounce, with pistols blazing,
Fences, railings, count for nothing-
We recognise no borders now,
No sovereign or civil rights
Where minarets and mortars meet.

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