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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Greenspan on Greece; "Grexit" Prediction - and Varoufakis' "New Deal" Vision, with EIB Funding

Another voice on Greece and the Euro

BBC News

"The former head of the US central bank, Alan Greenspan, has predicted that Greece will have to leave the eurozone. He told the BBC he could not see who would be willing to put up more loans to bolster Greece's struggling economy".

For what it's worth, I predict that Mr Greenspan will be proved wrong. But I'm not as optimistic as Mr Varoufakis about a New Deal/ Marshall Plan either!

See Protothema News

"In the pre-taped interview he (Varoufakis) says that the Greek government is going to suggest a “New Deal” for Europe “like US President Roosevelt had done.” The new deal will be financed by the European Investment Bank (EIB), increasing ten times the funds already allocated".

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